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Campus and Local Resources

The University of Tennessee Extension provides nutrition and food safety education to individuals and families in Tennessee. Education is provided by faculty in county Extension offices throughout the state.

Tennessee Shapes Up
A series of lessons (usually taught twice a week for eight weeks). Although appropriate for anyone, the lessons target adults. Class time includes instruction as well as a group activity, such as walking.

Dining with Diabetes
A program designed for people with diabetes and their family members. A three-class series that includes learning how to manage diabetes, food demonstrations, and tasting of healthy foods.

Eat Well, Play More Tennessee
This is Tennessee's statewide Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan to reduce obesity and chronic disease in Tennessee by 2015. The underlying vision is to create an environment in which every Tennesseans has the ability to make healthy lifestyle choices regarding nutrition and physical activity.

Expanded Food and Nutrition Program (EFNEP)
An educational program conducted by University of Tennessee Extension, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. EFNEP is targeted to families and youth with limited income who have children, particularly families with young children. Learn more about the purpose of EFNEP.

Healthy Steps
A nutrition and physical activity program for preschoolers designed to prevent childhood obesity. It is part of Tennessee Shapes Up, a statewide University of Tennessee Extension initiative implemented by the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences in response to the obesity epidemic.

Safe Food for Tennessee
In response to foodborne illness, University of Tennessee Extension conducts food safety education for consumers and other food handlers. Food safety education is available from county Extension offices and from the University of Tennessee Extension Web site. To find out more about food safety education in your county, contact your local office.

Tennessee Nutrition & Consumer Education Program (TNCEP)
A nutrition education program for Tennessee families who receive SNAP or who are eligible for SNAP. The goal of TNCEP is to teach families how to choose and prepare nutritionally adequate diets and help them feel empowered to move toward self-sufficiency. Families are taught how to use SNAP and related resources effectively.

Working and Eating Well
Because people don't have much time to cook they often eat out or get carry-out food to eat at home. This unstructured way of eating causes many people to eat too many calories, get too much fat, too much sodium, and too few vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other compounds that promote good health.