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Basic Science (Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms, Genetics and Genomics)

Affiliation Research Area                                                            (Printer Friendly Version)
Abidi, Besma New Advanced Tech Co Imaging, sensing, robotics, biometrics, microscopy, electrical/biomedical engineering
Alexandre, Gladys BCMB,  Bacterial chemotaxis and mortality. Chemotactic receptors and diabetes
Baek, Seung J. Vet Med (Pathobiol.) Cancer chemoprevention – NSAIDS, dietary compounds and  PPAR gamma ligands
Bartges, Joe Vet Med (SACS) Pet nutrition, diabetes and obesity
Biggerstaff, John Ctr. For Biomarkers Cell biology, imaging
Burghardt, Gordon Psychology Psychology, ecology and evolutionary biology with emphasis on ethology
Campagna, Shawn Chemistry Discovery metabolite profiling, inter-kingdom bacterial signaling
Chen, Guoxun Nutrition Hepatic lipid metabolism, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
Collier, Jason Nutrition Beta cell function, inflammation and diabetes
Dhar, Madhu Vet Med (LACS) Molecular genetics and genomics, animal models of obesity & diabetes.
Donnell, Robert Vet Med (Pathobiol.) Amyloidosis, malignany catarrhal fever, diagnostic pathology
Kalupahana, Nishan S. Physiology, University of Peradeniya Molecular Endocrinology, adipose tissue biology, metabolic syndrome, Type-2 diabetes, Renin-angiotensin system, omega-3 fatty acids, adipokines, T lymphocytes, Immunology, Nutrition, Exercise Physiology,  lifestyle modification for weight management
Kania, Stephen Vet Med (Comp. Med)  Virology
Karlstad, Michael Surgery, UT GSM  Enteral and parenteral nutrition, inflammation, trauma and injury
Kattesh, Henry Animal Science Physiology and endocrinology, reproductive and stress Physiology
Kirk, Claudia Vet Med (SACS) Pet nutrition, diabetes and obesity
Kojima, Cheryl Animal Science Animal genetics  and genomics; swine models for human diseases.
Kopsell, Dean A. Plant Sciences Cultural, environmental and genetic influences on phytonutritional value of vegetable
Lawler, Jim Psychology Hypertension
Lin, Jun Animal Science Response of intestinal microbiota to antibiotic growth promoter; microbiota and obesity
Lusby, Angela Vet Med (SACS) Pet nutrition, diabetes and obesity
McEntee, Michael VTH Pathobiology Mechanisms of neoplasia, arachidonic acid metabolism and disease
Mendis-Handagama, C Vet Med  Reproductive biology; cell biology; morphology and morphometrics
Nahmias, Claude Cardiology, Imaging Clinical Imaging
Newman, Shelley Vet Med (Pathobiol.) Pathobiology, neuroendocrine tumors, neoplasia, canine pancreasitis.
Pantalone, Vincent Plant Science Soy breeding and genetics
Peterson, Cynthia BCMB Clotting factors, PAI-1, vitronecting, Neurophysiology, circadian rythms
Pighetti, Gina Animal Science genetics /disease susceptibility in dairy cows, mastitis, immunology, mammary gland.
Podar, M ORNL & GST Bioinformatics, metagenomics, microbial genome.
Prosser, Rebecca BCMB Neurophysiology, circadian rythmns
Sams, Carl Plant Sciences Isoflavones, secondary metabolites.
Saxton, Arnold Animal Science Statistics applied to genetics, genomic and systems biology data
Siriwardhana, Nalin Animal Science Botanicals and inflammation. Adipocyte-cancer cell interactions
Stewart, Neal Plant Sciences Plant genetics and engineering
Smith, Michael Animal Science Poultry, Nutrition & environmental interactions
Sparer, Timothy Microbiology Virology, immune system, and chemokines in atherosclerosis, cancer and obesity
Voy, Brynn Animal Science Obesity and systems genetics, environment and genetic susceptibility, RAS
Wall, John UT GSM (Immunol.) Immunology, amyloids, preclinical imaging; atherosclerosis and obesity.
Waller, John Animal Science Beef cattle nutrition and management
Wimalasena, Jay UTMC,  Ob/Gyn Cell signaling, Breast cancer-Obesity interactions; chemoprevention
Zhao, Ling Nutrition TLR, NOD, Inflammation and obesity
Zivanovic, Lana Food Sci. & Tech  Functional carbohydrates

Population Research

Affiliation Research Area                                                            (Printer Friendly Version)
Brandon, Denise UT Extension (FCS) Parental influences of children’s eating disorders
Brown, Kathy Knox County Health Dept. Population based surveillance of obesity
Burney, Janie UT Extension (FCS) Evaluation of nutrition and food safety community education programs
Clarke, Barbara UT Extension (FCS) Health, family and consumer sciences
Costello, Carol RHT Nutrition and food safety, food services management; childhood obesity
Erwin, Paul Center for PH Public health systems research; community-based participatory research
Greer, Betty UT Extension (FCS) Nutrition education and interventions in obesity
Haughton, Betsy Nutrition Public health nutrition and policy
Kavanagh, Katie Nutrition Breastfeeding; infant feeding and childhood obesity
Spence, Marsha Nutrition Community based overweight/obesity prevention during early and middle childhood
Tenopir, Carol Information Sci Obesity and advertising
Yen, Steven Ag Economics Ag Economics – secondary data analyses; obesity

Clinical Interventions

Affiliation Research Area                                                            (Printer Friendly Version)
Bassett, David Exercise Sci (ESLS) Assessment of Physical activity, exercise interventions, metabolic responses to exercise
Beebe, Lora Nursing Physical activity and special populations
Bielak, Ken UTMCK Family Practice Family practice, sports medicine
Coe, Dawn Exercise Sci (ESLS) Pediatric exercise physiology, gene-environment interactions
Callen, Bonnie College of Nursing Health aging with emphasis on nutrition.
Costello, Carol RHT Nutrition and food safety, food services and tourism management; childhood obesity
Gellar, Lauren Nutrition Behavioral and physiological factors associated with nutritional health status and how these factors relate to obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease risk in youth
Greer, Betty UT Extension (FCS) Nutrition education and interventions in obesity
Hansen-Petrik, M Nutrition Feeding practices in preschoolers; cancer research
Milner, Clare ESLS    Biomechanics, locomotion, joint implants
Raynor, Hollie Nutrition Behavioral weight control interventions in children & adults; diet and energy regulation
Smith, Delores Child & Family Studies Family influences
Spence, Marsha Nutrition Community based overweight/obesity prevention during early and middle childhood
Dixie Thompson Exercise Science (ESLS) Physical activity and disease risk factors
Wetherall, Karen Nutrition-Dietetics Weight management, diabetes
Whelan, Jay Nutrition Polyunsaturated fat and cancer research
White, Jane UTMCK-Family Practice Family practice medicine
Wodarski, John Social Work Behavioral control of eating, stress reduction, physical activity, nutrition, diabetes