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Arnold Saxton

Department of Animal Science


1983 PhD  North Carolina State University, Animal Genetics and Statistics
1983-1991 Asst/Assoc Prof, Dept. Experimental Statistics, Louisiana State University
1992-present  University of Tennessee
1995-present Affiliate faculty, Intercollegiate Graduate Statistics Program
2001-present  Affiliate faculty, Genome Science & Technology

Research Area:

Statistics applied to genomic and systems biology data.

Research Description:

I am an applied statistician with particular interest in "-omics" data
and complex traits.  Obesity is certainly a complex trait, and is of great
societal importance.  So my research interests in the obesity area are
primarily in adapting existing statistical and computational tools to
extract information about this biological system.  Ultimately we can hope
to develop a systems biology model, eg. Bayesian networks, that
explains/predicts how and what genes, proteins, tissues, diet and exercise
work together to produce body weight.  But substantial experimentation and
data analysis will be required.

Dr. Arnold Saxton

Contact Information:

Department of Animal Science
2505 River Drive
208C Brehm Animal Science
Knoxville,  TN  37996-4574
Phone: 865-974-2887
Fax: 865-974-7297

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