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Clare E. Milner

Assistant Professor, Department of Exercise, Sport, & Leisure Studies


Ph.D., University of Leeds, Biomechanics, 1999
M.Sc., University of Leeds, Anatomy, 1996
B.Sc., University of Durham, Biological Sciences, 1995

Research Area:

Lower extremity biomechanics, gait analysis, development and progression of osteoarthritis, joint replacement, knee, walking, running, overuse injuries, gait retraining, injury, rehabilitation

Research Description:

My interests are in the biomechanics of lower extremity injury prevention and rehabilitation as a means of maintaining or increasing physical activity levels. I have expertise in biomechanics and gait analysis. Currently, I am working on projects related to walking after knee replacement surgery and the risk of further progression of osteoarthritis, gait retraining, and injury risk in female recreational athletes. I am particularly interested in the development and progression of osteoarthritis in lower extremity joints, including after an initial joint replacement. Osteoarthritis is a loading-related disease, typically developing and progressing as a result of excess body weight and the resulting greater loads placed on the joints, particularly the knees. My current research studies are working towards the development of evidence-based programs for retraining abnormal gait mechanics in this population as a precursor to participation in walking programs to improve fitness and joint health and enable weight loss.

Dr. Clare E. Milner

Contact Information:

Department of Exercise, Sport, and Leisure Studies
1914 Andy Holt Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37996-2700
Phone: 865-974-3340
FAX: 865-974-8981

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