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Cynthia B. Peterson

Department of Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology
Program in Genome Science and Technology
National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis


Ph.D., Biochemistry (May, 1986) Louisiana State University Medical Center
M.S., Biochemistry (May, 1981) Louisiana State University Medical Center
B.S., Biochemistry (May, 1979) Louisiana State University

Research Area:


Research Description:

Research activities are focused on understanding the structure and function of vitronectin, an abundant protein in the blood that regulates many physiological processes.  Circulating vitronectin associates with tissue matrices, and its presence is important in pathological situations or in cancer metastasis and tissue remodeling.  The factors that control the binding interactions and determine activities of vitronectin in the circulation as well as in the matrix are important unsolved issues.  Approaches that encompass a wide spectrum of biophysical and cellular and molecular biological techniques are used to approach important questions regarding the specificity of interaction of vitronectin with many of its biological targets.

Dr. Cynthia B. Peterson

Contact Information:

Department of Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology
M407 Walters Life Sciences Building
Knoxville, TN 37996
Phone: 865-974-4083
FAX: 865-974-6306

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