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Michael O. Smith

Department of Animal Science


Doctor of Philosophy, 1986. Animal Nutrition, Oklahoma State University
Master of Science, 1983. Animal Science, Oklahoma State University
Bachelor of Science, 1979. Agriculture, Oklahoma State University
Diploma in Agriculture, 1969. Agriculture, Jamaica School of Agriculture

Research Area:

Nutrition/Physiology Interaction; Poultry; Heat Stress

Research Description:

Economic losses associated with the detrimental effects of heat stress on
poultry production are at times substantial.  Producers as well as
consumers are affected in that return on investments for the producer is
severely curtailed while the consumer is faced with elevated prices.  The
economic implications of this problem are great because of its
geographically widespread nature.  Environmental factors beyond the control of producers in both the more developed countries as well as those with emerging economies impose hardships that I hope can be alleviated by some of my research efforts.  My research is focused on examination of
physiological and nutritional factors involved with the growth and survival
of heat stressed poultry and to examine the interaction between nutrients,
other additives and environment in this type of bird population.  Using
these findings, I attempt to develop management and nutrition-based tools
to augment poultry production during heat stress.

Dr. Michael O. Smith

Contact Information:

Department of Animal Science
2640 Morgan Circle
201C McCord Hall
Knoxville, TN 37996-4588
Phone: 865-974-7254
Fax: 865-974-9043

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